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A&R Preparatory's

A&R is one of the most important roles in the music industry. An A&R representative according to Berklee College Of Music, spends most of their time listening to music, scouring clubs, reading blogs, watching social media, and tracking industry buzz on the hunt for promising new musical artists. At smaller organizations, A&R reps act as an artist's link to the company and are responsible for signing the artist, guiding the artist's subsequent career, and representing the artist's interests within the larger organization.  

At Hot Producers Only A&R Prep we provide aspiring A&R and music managers with the knowledge and resources they need to make it in the music industry. Our comprehensive course cover topics such as finding talent, signing talent, developing an artist/producer's career, and more.

We strive to develop a culture of collaboration, creativity and mentorship so that each student can find their own unique path and reach their full potential. Our goal is to help you become a successful A&R/Manager and to help you make the most of your career.

We provide our students with hands-on experience and resources to learn and understand how to be a successful A&R/Manager in the forever-evolving music industry. 

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Hot Producers Only_A&R Prep_2.png

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