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Client Recap 


A B O U T  U S

 The Hot Producers Only platform has four sectors; Hot Producers Only Management Agency, Hot Producers Only Producer Advance Collection, Hot Producers Only Publishing and our exclusive development program/community Hot Producers Only Producer Club.  We are dedicated in representing and helping the hottest creatives in the business via Hot Producers Only Management. We specialize in business management for some of the top music producers in the music industry. We also provide many tools and services to up-and-coming musicians and executives that want to advance in their music careers via Hot Producers Only Producer Club. Hot Producers Only Publishing specializes in music publishing administration for music producers and songwriters. We also are dedicated in the collection of unpaid producer advances. Lastly, The fourth sector is Hot Producers Only PAC which means Producer Advance Collection. PAC is our initiative where we help music producers collect on past due producer fees. We want to help producers get paid!

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