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BREEZY: The Up and Coming Producer to Lookout for in 2022.

This week we are highlighting Breezy, a hot music producer from Lancaster, PA. This is his second year in the game and we are excited to see what is to come.

Q: How did you get your producer name?

A: I got my producer name back around 2018 when I wanted to start rapping and then when I started producing. I just brought the name over and it stuck.

Q: What was your first record placement?

A: Honestly I don't have a record placement yet, but I know it's going to come with time as long as the work is behind it.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned while working in the music industry?

A: Always give people respect, don't cap on placements and who you've worked with, and have good business!! I see a lot of producers messing up their careers early and earn themselves a bad reputation.

Q: What makes you stand out from other producers?

A: What makes me stand out from other producers is my uniqueness in sound. I don't like making something that sounds like it was already made because my goal is to elevate music to another level that it hasn’t been on yet.

Q: Where are you from, and how did it mold you into the person you are today?

A: Originally I'm from San Diego, California, but moved to Pennsylvania when I was around 8 or so, and really got into music then. My dad used to be in a band so I was always around instruments trying to figure out how to use them and how they work.

Q: What is your favorite DAW and your favorite plug-in to use? Also why?

A: My favorite DAW would be FL Studio for sure. I've never really ventured to other DAWS, but FL is so easy to navigate around if you're trying to be quick in a session. For me, it just has a better feel. My favorite plug-in would be Halftime. A lot of my dark melodies I’m throwing halftime on because you can really get creative with it and make something unique.

Q: What makes you a hot producer?

A: What makes me a hot producer is I'm continuously working trying to get better at my craft, whether it's learning a new trick, or even reading something new because there's always more knowledge to learn. A HOT PRODUCER CAN NEVER GET COLD.


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