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EJ Grimes: The Story Behind A Hitmaker

EJ Grimes is a music producer from Louisiana. He gained recognition by producing on multiple billboard charting albums, and working with artists like Fredo Bang, Money Man, Big Boogie, NBA Youngboy, Lil Durk, & many more. His musical style is heavily influenced by his Louisiana roots and background in church, where he first gained a love for music.

Tell Us How Did You Get Started In Music?

My love for music began in church, where at a young age I played the drums and piano. During high school, I was introduced to a program called Fruity Loops by my cousin who made beats and from that point on, I made beats everyday until I improved. By the time I was 15, I was producing for well known artists in Louisiana, and at age 16 I produced by first major song with NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk called “My Side.” By that time, I decided to take music seriously and have been working hard at it ever since.

What Is The First Lesson You Learned Entering Into The Music Business?

The first lesson I learned entering into the music business was the importance of relationships and knowing the right people. Having good networking skills can get you in doors that talent can’t get you in, but when you combine relationships with talent, you have the opportunity to grow professionally. My career started to grow with I met and formed relationships with the right people.

Is Branding Important For Music Producers?

Branding is extremely important for music producers. Good branding will allow to grow your music career and reach new people.

Where Are You From & How Did It Shape You?

I am from Pioneer, Louisiana. It is a small town located in the Northeast region of Louisiana. We have a very unique sound and when you hear the music, you instantly know Louisiana. We also have many well known artists who have emerged from the state, and their sounds, along with the sounds of other music producers from here, have helped shaped me as a whole.

Tell Us The Moment Where You Started Taking Your Music Career Serious?

I started taking my music career seriously around age 16 after I landed my first major song, “My Side” by NBA Youngboy and Lil Durk. That was the moment I realized that I could do something special with music.

What Has Failure Taught You?

I have always taken my L’s as lessons rather than losses. Failure has given me the chance to build character and has provided opportunity for growth and development. When you fail at something and work hard to bounce back, the victory and success is much sweeter once you overcome the obstacles.

What Is Your Best Quality ?

I believe my best quality is being a genuine person who can talk to anybody confidently and making people feel comfortable around me to the point where they can talk to me about anything.

What Advice Would You Give Up And Coming Producers?

I would tell up and coming producers to never give up and always follow your dreams. In the beginning, it may seem like things aren’t going the best, but in time things will start to work out if you stay focused and put in the work to become successful.

What Has Success Taught You?

Success has taught me that determination, consistency, passion, and having faith are key, not just in the music industry but life in general.

What Is Your Favorite Song You Produced And Why?

My favorite song that I have produced would probably be “Members” by Big Boogie, simply because of the relationship that he and I have been able build working with each other the last couple of years. I was able to combine my sound with his and create a hard hitting song with bounce that makes fans move instantly when they hear it.

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