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Eliot Bohr The Composer Changing The Game

Eliot Bohr is a Spanish Guitarist and Hip-hop Music Producer. Eliot uses techniques of fingerpicking and rhythmic strumming. One of his most notable placements is RIAA Platinum Single Slime Belief, by NBA Youngboy.

Q: Why did you start making beats?

A: I was always a big fan of music. And I realized that I always gravitated towards the songs with the best beats and flow. The first time I'd hear a song, I would just listen to the beat. I didn't even really pay attention to the lyrics until I've heard it a few times. As soon as I figured out a way to make beats, I was hooked.

Q: How long have you been playing the guitar ?

A: I've been playing guitar for 14 years. Sometimes more, sometimes less. My older sister had a friend who played the guitar and I thought it was really dope and looked up to him. He taught me how to read guitar tabs and I've kept it up since then.

Q: How did you know you could take music serious?

A: I knew I could take music seriously when people I never met before would hear my music and complement it. Sometimes friends and family are biased. But strangers don't have a reason to lie about this. Then I knew it was just a matter of putting my time in and perfecting my craft to make my music even more universal.

Q: How did you get your name "Eliot Bohr" ?

A: Eliot Bohr is just my name. I've tried other names, but Eliot Bohr is unique enough. Over time I've discovered people like the name "Eliot", what with Eliot Ness and Elliot Eliantte. Sometimes I go by Eli.

Q: What was your first placement?

A: My first placement was a track I did with Ras Kass called "#Wwjd". I had met him through a female Persian rapper who I had worked with back in D.C. He told me to play some beats while I was giving him a ride to the studio. It was a great feeling when the song came out.

Q: Who gave you your first opportunity?

A: It's hard to say who gave me my first opportunity because I've been doing music and performing on the guitar for so long. Later on I just transitioned into production. I didn't know anyone who had connections in music, so I invested a lot of time and money into traveling and building relationships any way I could. In this way, I don't feel like I was given opportunities but more that I created them for myself.

Q: What let you know that your music was going to work out?

A: I knew that music was going to work out when over time people would recognize my craft more and more. People I knew would notice improvements in the quality of my production each time I showed them. And steadily I'd build relationships with more and more people in the music industry.

Q: How did you end up getting signed to Sony ATV?

A: I had a few options on the table. Since I had decided to move to Denmark, I knew wanted a strong base in the states with the potential for international collaborations. Sony was very solid and they ended up offering the most opportunities in the long-term.

Q: What has failure taught you ?

A: Failure is a huge part of success. The way I see it, you can only fail if you don't get up and keep trying. Otherwise failures are just stepping stones and hopefully you can learn from them. I used to watch a lot of interviews, and sometimes artists would pass on beats which later on became the biggest hits. Even the author Dr. Seuss was rejected by like 40 publishing companies before someone gave him a chance. It's just a matter of time and setting up the right situations.

Q: What advice would you give up coming producers?

A: Follow your passion. You need to put in a lot of time into your craft. You're only going to do this if you love what you do. Of course, study the game to know the trends are and what's hot. But eventually you want to have your own lane. For that you need to have your own set of influences. So follow your passion.

Q: What advice would you give producers on securing placements?

A: Don't celebrate until the song comes out. I've executed producer agreements for tracks that still have never seen the light of day. It's best to stay working until you hear the track on Tidal.

Q: What makes you a hot producer?

A: My Spanish guitar loops

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