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HPO Exclusive LeeChoppn: The Detroit Producer Changing the Game.

The exclusive highlight of this week is LeeChoppn. This hot music Producer is from Detroit, MI. He has worked with Names Such as Babyface Ray, EST Gee, 42 Dugg, BlocBoy JB, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Sada Baby, Peezy, IceWear Vezzo, Baby Money, and almost everyone relevant in Detroit.

He has achieved over 60 million Youtube views in placements:

Babyface Ray - Unfuckwitable Billboard #1 HeatSeekers

Peaked #4 on Apple Music

42 Dugg - Young & Turnt Vol.2 Deluxe Billboard #6

Peaked #8 on Apple Music

Sada Baby - Bartier Bounty 2 #7 Billboard HeatSeekers

LeeChoppn's most notable placements are:

Babyface Ray - Ashanti

Babyface Ray - Hall of Fame

Babyface Ray FT. EST Gee - Pink 10s

Sada Baby- Brazy Taxi

42 Dugg - Big 4s

FMB DZ, Sada Baby, Rio Da Yung Og - Whoop Way

Baby Money - Money Conversations (Quality Control)

and Many More

Q: How did you get your producer name?

A: Lee is my middle name. My Dad and I used to always watch Asian fighting movies like Bruce Lee and Ip Man. They be Choppn Sh*t up so I just came up with the name LeeChoppn.

Q: What was your first record placement?

A: My first big placement was Ashanti by Babyface Ray. This is the song that got the ball rolling for me here in Detroit. This is also when I first met Ray and got to be around names like Peezy and Veeze for the first time. We recorded this song at 4SHO MAG on July 4th, 2019 and he dropped the song and video the very next day. When he tagged me in the post I never seen my Instagram go crazy like this. Ever since then I've been trending uphill.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned while working in the music industry?

A: The biggest lesson I've learned was to never take anything personal and keep your emotions in check. Not doing so you could potentially blackball yourself. Just keep working and let your manager handle the other stuff.

Q: What makes you stand out from other producers?

A: I feel what makes me stand out is that I have a very unique sound within the Detroit music scene. I'm very melodic and I like ethnic instruments like flutes and guitars, island and/or asian vibes. Also, my hihats are distinct, you can definitely tell when it's a Lee beat with my hat rolls at a fast tempo like 190. Overall just wavy but versatile because I can make ATL type and dark beats too. I believe my sound is the bridge between Detroit music and everyone else.

Q: What is your favorite record you placed and why?

A: My favorite record I produced is Pink 10s. If I was able to describe my sound in one beat, this would be the one. At first, I slept on this beat until Ray made the song to it. When he posted the snippet to it everyone went crazy begging him for this song for months. This was also my favorite before it came out I listened to the unreleased version literally every day and night, then EST Gee being on it was the icing on the cake. Wished they dropped a video to it but it's still a classic without one.

Q: Where are you from, and how did it mold you into the person you are today?

A: I am from Detroit, Michigan. Being from Detroit overall just makes you a resilient and a natural hustler. It gets really cold, there is a lot of bs going on both sides of the city, and it's many ways to make money. Being around and getting exposed to different things in Detroit you're going to be motivated to do something productive regardless of what lane it is. Then, it was also always just Us VS the world. Our sound really just now getting the attention that it deserves. I love to see it.

Q: What is your favorite DAW and your favorite plug-in to use? Why?

A: My favorite DAW is Maschine. This just was the DAW that I was introduced to so I stuck with it. My favorite all-time plugin is Omnisphere. I like to switch up what VSTS I'm using to keep my sound progressing but I made a lot of fire in Omnisphere.

Q: What makes you a hot producer?

A: As a producer, I keep flooding the streets with fire and never stop. Super Consistent. There's always going to be something fire that I'm working on. I stay expanding, growing, and taking this unique sound of mine to the next level to ultimately reach my goals.


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