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Nova, The Music Producer Making the Intangible, Tangible.

Introducing Nova, the Super Nova music producer from Dallas, Georgia.

Q: What made you decide that you wanted to start making music?

A: Making music has always just been a part of my life. It was just always there.

I grew up with my father having instruments in the house and being able to pick up anything and give it shot. If there was a moment where “ the decision was made” it would be the first time I went to church when I was 16 years old... I was absolutely captured by what I felt during the music and realized that creating a sound provides more than just candy for ears. I found that, for me, it became a train to intangible places inside of myself.

Q: What DAW program did you start on and why?

A: I started on Pro Tools. I was just under the impression it was “industry standard” and ran with it. Come to find out that would be an enormous undertaking for the next 3 years.

I did start by mostly recording with live instruments, but when I started getting into making beats it proved to not be the most efficient for me. Still use Pro tools to this day though.

Q: When you first started producing, what was the ultimate goal?

A: It was for myself. I just wanted to create. I had no destination. I was chasing after trying to make something intangible, tangible with music. I was discouraged often because it was not easy, but my little wins over time kept me engaged and excited to keep going.

Q: What is your personal opinion on the current state of the producer community?

A: For the most part, I have thoroughly enjoyed the producer community. The only thing I have received from the community is a group of people who are willing to welcome, invest, lead and create. Of course there are bad apples but that is with anything. I believe if we keep that same path and have each other we can create new ways of what being a successful producer looks like in the future.


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