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RunItBackPlayboi; The Producer That You Need To Know

RunItBackPlayboi is a 24 year old music producer coming from Salt Lake City. People mainly know Playboi for producing songs with artist like BIG30 (Shots Out the Vette), Pooh Shiesty (Ugly), Babyface Ray (Let Me Down) & Nle Choppa (Chicago to Memphis) just to name a few of his notable record placements.

Q: How did you get your producer name?

A: I actually got my name just because growing up I was a ladies man so some of my friends just started calling me "Playboi" as kind of a joke but I ended up keeping the name. Then when it came to my tag I got it from this dude name Tezzy like a year or 2 ago and thats when RunItBackPlayboi was created.

Q: What was your first record placement?

A: My first record to do any type of numbers was "Shots Out the Vette" by BIG30. It came about after 30 was on live one day and he shouted out his homie that was with him, so I went to his page after the live and told him I'd give him a % of the song if he could get any of my beats placed with 30. Then I think a couple days later I saw them shooting the music video on one of their stories.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned while working in the music industry?

A: Business is business and you can't let anything get to you because at the end of the day this industry is a business. Also that your relationships in this industry is the most important thing, because without them your left trying to do everything on your own which is much harder.

Q: Where are you from, and how did it mold you into the person you are today ?

A: I'm from Salt Lake City, Ut. When it comes to how it molded me I was always the kid growing up that stood out because I wasn't on the same type of timing as most people in the since of my music taste, fashion and hobbies. Like most people when they think of Slc they think of snowboarding and mountains and all that but to this day I still haven't gone snowboarding/skiing I always saw that as a rich person sport haha. I wanna try it though.

Q: Who is your favorite artist to work with?

A: I'm the type where I enjoy working with new people to bring out different vibes with my sound but i'd have to say so far I've liked working with Shiesty & 30 the most since those are the 2 people which songs really got my name out there.

Q: What DAW do you use, and what is your favorite plug-in?

A: I use fl studio 11 & 20. My favorite plugin at the moment is prolly RC-20 Retro Color, I like putting that vinyl/retro feel on my melodies.

Q: What is your favorite record placement and why?

A: I'd have to say my record "Ugly" with Shiesty & Gucci. I've been listening to Gucci for prolly over 9 or 10 years and I actually got 1017 tatted on me like 8 or so years ago. I used to tell people back in high school that one day I'd work with him. So to be able to be part of the platinum album with him is definitely special to me. Hopefully we can get some more records in the future.

Q: What are somethings producers don't know that they should know?

A: I'd say that it is more than just making the beats, that's just a small part of it. You gotta learn how to get those beats in front of the right people or else it's all pointless.

Q: What makes you a hot producer?

A: I'd say what makes me a hot producer is my versatility and the fact that I have a good ear for what I think the artist i'm working with should try next. I'm the type where i'm always trying to learn and grow my sound to so I think that trait will help me have a long career in music.

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