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Santino; The Goat In Human Form

Santino has been a musician for as long as he can remember. He started playing piano when he was about 5-6 years old, then he moved to the drums a couple years later. Since then he has been in various classical orchestras, jazz bands, and rock bands. Santino started producing in 2016, and in June of 2020 he got his first major placement (“It’s Crazy” by A Boogie). He joined Best Kept Secret Management in October 2021. Now he is 20 years old and looking forward to what his future holds!

Q: How did you get your producer name?

A: Santino is a traditional Italian name. It means “little saint”. My family is very connected to our Italian roots, other than that I just liked the name.

Q: What was your first record placement?

A: “It’s Crazy” by A Boogie

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned while working in the music industry?

A: I still have much to learn, but one thing that I’ve come to realize is that having a good comprehension of the music business is just as important as making good music. There are a countless number of mistakes that can be made if you aren’t careful. In short, get a lawyer and never sign anything that you don’t understand.

Q: Where are you from, and how did it mold you into the person you are today ?

A: I’m from right outside of Philadelphia. I grew up in a community that is very supportive of the arts, so I always had people in and out of school who supported me and my passions. I’ve always known that I wanted to pursue music, but that support is what always made me feel like I was able to pursue music.

Q: Who is your favorite artist to work with?

A: I haven’t had a lot of in person experience with many artists, but I will say my favorite producer to work with is my brother. He’s been a musician his whole life just like I have, and we’ve been playing music together for just as long as we’ve been studying it. When it comes to making beats, we’re like a well oiled machine.

Q: What DAW do you use, and what is your favorite plug-in?

A: I use Ableton and my favorite plug ins are the Arturia synths.

Q: What is your favorite record placement and why?

A: My favorite placement is Its Crazy by A Boogie. It's my first and only major placement and it's basically what started my career as a producer.

Q: What are somethings producers don't know that they should know?

A: The first things that come to mind for me are as follows: 1. Being professional can get you a long way. If you're nice, diligent, and consistent with your work, people are going to want to work with you. 2. Come up with your peers. The more people you work with, the better. Not only will this help you become a better producer overall, but it will also provide you with so many more opportunities that you would've missed out on otherwise. 3. Everybody wants a big placement, but sometimes it's more beneficial to work and build with smaller artists. There are so many benefits to having a network of people that you're constantly working with. The more work you have out there, the more likely it is that someone will notice you.

Q: What makes you a hot producer?

A: I think the thing that makes me stand out is my musical background. Because I’ve had so much experience with different kinds of music, I feel confident that I can make anything from. I see myself not only producing music for artists, but also for movies, video games, and really anything I can get my hands on.

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