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Welcome To Hot Producers Only Club! We are the number one invite only music producer development program in the music industry.  Our main purpose is to mentor and work with the top up-and-coming producers. We strive to create a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere for our members. This Organization regularly hosts events including producer camps, beat battles, live feedback sessions, networking events, workshops, and master classes. If you are a music producer who wants mentorship and wants to network with other producers you can apply now to potentially be a part of our program and community. This club is only for music producers who want to invest in themselves, learn and network with like-minded individuals. If you want handouts and you just want "placements" you are in the wrong place. We are only approving the best all-around quality producers who want to grow in their careers. NO GIMMICKS OR DREAMS ARE SOLD HERE.  We have partnerships with 4U Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA, and Hush Money Music Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  That means studio time for our members! ! Enjoy A Complimentary Ebook By Multi-Platinum A&R and Producer Manager Wade B, Click Here To Get Your Gift On Us! 
Check out a few of our testimonials and vlogs with some of our current members below. 

Enrollment Is Now Open, To APPLY 


4u recording studios ATL


Hush Money Music Studios LA



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Unlimited access

Members have unlimited access to HPO courses  and full access to Hot Producers Only Producer Club private Discord and Instagram group messages and studio time. 

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Hot Producers Only Producer Club is our networking aspect.  This is where the members collaborate and work with other producers from all around the world. We have weekly group calls with special guest speakers, ranging from record executives to multi-platinum producers. 

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Hot Producers Only Producer Club is an exclusive music producer community that provides a platform for like-minded music producers to collaborate, network, and grow their craft. Our mission is to create a safe and inspiring environment for our members to share ideas, feedback, and resources to help each other grow and succeed in the music industry.


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Our members have full access to all our events. We hosts at least one virtual and in person event every month. Our event index includes, masterclasses, beat battles, music panels, and listening sessions. Scroll up to check out footage from our listening sessions vlog section above! 

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