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Advance Collection

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What Is PAC?

At Hot Producers Only, we recognize a prevalent challenge within the music producer community – the issue of equitable compensation for creative work. Producers frequently encounter situations where they contribute to the production of a song, only to find themselves without due credit, compensation, or prior notification. In response, we have developed the Producer Advance Collection (PAC) program.

PAC, which stands for Producer Advance Collection, is our dedicated initiative designed to assist producers in retrieving overdue fees from previously executed producer agreements or projects where credit and compensation were not received. Our primary focus is on aiding producers who have outstanding advances with major label artists. Additionally, we offer guidance and consultation to those seeking compensation from indie artists.

Explore the success stories below to witness a selection of songs where our intervention has enabled our clients to collect on past dues effectively. To date, we have successfully collected over $100,000 in past due producer label advances, showcasing our commitment to ensuring fair compensation for producers in the music industry. Click the Apply button to get help today!


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