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AyyBraden: The Denver Based Producer Who Is Setting The New Standard

AyyBraden, born Braden Sherouse, is a 19 year old music producer originally from Jacksonville, Florida. Music Production has been a big part of his life earning a respectable portfolio with artists such as NoCap, EST Gee, Sean Kingston, Famous Dex, Rich the Kid, Rob49, & more. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado he has experienced the challenges of the developing local music industry. Determined to stick out from the rest, Braden is motivated to create quality production in hopes to put his city on the map.

Tell Us How Did You Get Started In Music?

Music for me has always been a symbol of emotion. Each song represents a different story, or a different message. I can’t say that i’ve always had that natural talent that some producers possess. It took many and many hours of learning in order for me to just grasp the concept of music production. I started music for the love of the art, I wanted to be apart of something bigger than just listening.

What Is The First Lesson You Learned Entering Into The Music Business?

One of the first lessons i’ve learned upon entering the Music Business is treat everyone with respect. Whether it’s talking to a new producer who’s trying to get tips on how to get started, or it’s talking to a lawyer on a record you just got. Your reputation is extremely important in the music industry and it’s vital to make sure you’re treating everyone how you want to be treated. I remember when I was first starting out producing in 2021, other HPO client KayoBeats helped me day in & day out and i’ll never forget how useful he was to me when we first began. Stuff like that is just something that you never forget.

Is Branding Important For Music Producers?

Branding is extremely important for producers. Our branding is essentially our credibility and how we market ourselves to our clients. We want an artist to come upon our Instagram page and say “I want him to produce my project.” Setting up your brand and really taking the time to present yourself accordingly can really go a long way.

Where Are You From & How Did It Shape You?

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida where I experienced a very diverse and culturally rich environment that played a big role in my music production. I went to my first studio session ever in Jacksonville and obtained some mentors that gave me some very important knowledge about the music industry that further helped me down the road. My friends also played a big role in shaping my music career. I want to shoutout Clifton, Cavon, and Selwyn three of my closest and most influenced by friends that I grew up with. If it wasn’t for these guys I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Tell Us The Moment Where You Started Taking Your Music Career Serious?

The moment I took my career seriously was when I was confident in my ability and skillset in creating it. There’s a long period where you’re just trying to get the basics down and really learn the ropes. Once I was able to get that out of the way, I really started taking it seriously.

What Has Failure Taught You?

As music producers, we experience failure consistently. Whether it’s not getting on a project we were anticipating, or not having a sound kit sell good. Failure has taught me to stay persistent and never give up. But whenever we take a win, it makes up for those dozens of losses we took.

What Is Your Best Quality?

The best quality I possess is that I’m very approachable. You can come to me about anything and I’ll give you my most honest advice. I feel like I’m decent at giving tips so if anyone is in any kind of situation that feels like talking about it don’t hesitate reaching out.

What Advice Would You Give Up And Coming Producers?

The best advice that I would give to up-and-coming producers is to never rush the process. When I was first starting out I was so placement hungry that I wouldn’t focus on the little things. I encourage you to build your network and create genuine relationships because those are the people that will be supporting you throughout your career.

What Has Success Taught You?

Success has taught me to stay humble no matter what. I see a lot of producers that use to be completely different develop entirely new personalities after receiving big records. I would just remind everyone to be yourself and treat everyone with respect no matter how many placements you have.

What Is Your Favorite Song You Produced And Why?

My favorite song that I’ve ever produced is probably “Aint Much” by NoCap & TheBackendForeign. I’ve worked on a lot of records with NoCap but this was the first one that I did drums on so it felt special. Shoutout to Mike (MM) for killing the melody on this track.

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