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Chriz Beats: The Netherlands Producer Shaping The Future Of Music

Meet Chriz Beats, a talented music producer known in the industry for his exceptional artistry. Hailing from the vibrant city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, Chriz embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 12, driven by the influence of artists like Rod Wave and Toosii. With an unwavering passion for crafting beats, he dedicated himself to daily honing his skills, an earnest endeavor that has fueled his ascent in the world of music production.

Tell Us How Did You Get Started In Music?

I started making music when I was 12 years old. By listening to artists such as Rod Wave and Toosii, I got inspired to learn how to make beats. I made beats everyday trying to improve.

What Is The First Lesson You Learned Entering Into The Music Business?

Be patient. For example, you never know if a song will come out until it dropped. Also having the right connections is really important. Without good connections it can be difficult to grow and get your music to the public.

Is Branding Important For Music Producers?

Branding is one the most important things to do as a music producer. It helps you grow in many ways, networking wise, but it also helps you get an audience.

Where Are You From & How Did It Shape You?

I'm from Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands. I think the people that I surrounded myself with have shaped me into the person I am today, and not really the place that i'm from.

Tell Us The Moment Where You Started Taking Your Music Career Serious?

I started taking my music career seriously when I got my first placement, "Spiegel Mich" by Edo Saiya. He's a German rapper and the album the song was on charted #1 on the German Billboards. From there on I knew that if I kept working hard it could only go up.

What Has Failure Taught You?

I don't see failure as failure. I'd rather see it as a lesson. This way I can only grow from my mistakes and do things better than before.

What Is Your Best Quality?

I'd say my best quality is being disciplined. I always work on something, music- or business wise, even if I'm not feeling like it. This helped me a lot with sending out beats, but also putting out beats consistently daily.

What Advice Would You Give Up And Coming Producers?

Keep working no matter what. Make connections and put your work out.

What Has Success Taught You?

Success has taught me that things can change in a short amount of time. It also learned me to stay humble and keep being the same way you were before.

What Is Your Favorite Song You Produced And Why?

"Did It First" by Yungeen Ace, I had been working on getting a song with him for over 2 years. I have some unreleased songs with Yungeen Ace, but this was the first one that was released. I upload Yungeen Ace-type beats on my YouTube channel everyday and to finally have a placement with him felt very rewarding.

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