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DJ FMCT: The Producer Who Is Redefining The Music Industry

DJ FMCT in studio

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a young talent emerged, destined to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. DJ FMCT, born Maliki DeCampos, embarked on a musical journey that would see him rise to a pivotal role in the industry. Gaining the recognition of DJ Bandz and the prominent rap icon Lil Durk, DJ FMCT secured his place with one of the industry's heavyweight imprint labels, OTF, in addition to being a valuable part of the publishing powerhouse, Sony Music Publishing. DJ FMCT's story is nothing short of a modern-day musical odyssey. He has continued his career by producing for Multi-Platinum artists A Boogie, King Von, MoneyBagg Yo, Pooh Shiesty, and more in the music industry, solidifying his status as a sought-after producer. With a unique beat-making style and an uncanny ear for innovation, DJFMCT's narrative promises to redefine hip-hop for a new generation.

Tell Us How Did You Get Started In Music?

Since I was able to talk I was in love with music. Since I was young I always had a musical background. My mother and father were old souls so they would listen to a lot of old school music around the house when they would clean. So as I grew I became in love with Music as a whole.

What Is The First Lesson You Learned Entering Into The Music Business?

In my couple of years in the inner Industry, I've learned that taking risks is the best thing to do because you miss 90 percent of the shots you dont take . Ive missed a lot of opportunities do to being in my head so much. I say talk to them people reach out get in these artists faces because only you will have your own back in this game.

Is Branding Important For Music Producers?

In my opinion Branding is the best thing to do as far as a producer goes. You have to market yourself to these artists . They have to look at you an wanna work with you it doesnt have to be the other way around all the time. So I say yes branding is very much important in the business

Where Are You From & How Did It Shape You?

I'm from a small city called Bridgeport in the state of Connecticut. My city helped me understand that there's always going to be underdogs and it's up to you to wanna 1 put in the work to become a top dog and to have no fear. Fear is 90 percent of people's problems when not taking chances on them selfs. In saying all that I say my city has made me realize those things don't have to be the case I can overcome anything I put my mind to.

Tell Us The Moment Where You Started Taking Your Music Career Serious?

I started to take my career seriously when I got that call from DJBANDZ (Durks DJ). He had told me my first song Denied in UK with Lil Durk would drop the following weeks to come an I would be signed to them all in one night. From then I knew I couldn't play anymore It was either I was all in or all out.

What Has Failure Taught You?

Failure has taught me nothing but because I dont look at failure as failure I consider them lessons. An in that I know i can build off of every lesson.

What Is Your Best Quality ?

I would say my best quality is the love I have for god. I guide my life with him an i know I will win with him . I know there is no me without him an in my opinion you cant succeed without him

What Advice Would You Give Up And Coming Producers?

I would say to an upcoming producer to stay locked in no matter what and to take them chances don't be afraid to get in these artists faces show them you mean business.

What Has Success Taught You?

Success has taught me to really enjoy family cause what is all this success when you have nobody to share it with. In my experiences I've learned that you can get all caught up with your own things that you forget you have a family or loved ones to share this with and enjoy life itself together.

What Is Your Favorite Song You Produced And Why?

My favorite song I've produced is Smoking & Thinking by Lil Durk. I love this song because I was there from start to finish with it I saw how it made Durk really come out of his shell an really experiment with his cadence an pour everything he had into this record.

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